Thursday, November 12, 2009


Thanks to all my who-man-beans friends and my furry friends for your prayers and purrs.
I am feeling much better now. I have been eating, drinking and playing. I have also been cuddling more with Momma.
So things are pretty good now. Well, except for the not so good stuff. When my vet drew blood, she had to shave a spot on my neck. So I am bald there. And then the other vet had to shave my belly so he could do my ul-tree-sound. That part tickled and I did not like the jelly stuff, it was gross. But now, I have this bald place on my belly and you can see my nipples. Boy cats aren't suppossed to show like that. I am sad that I have two bald spots, but Momma says it will grow back soon. Mia said her furr grew back where she had her surgery. I hope mine will.
Peace of the Paw,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Was a Bad Little Kitty

I was a bad kitty today. Sorta. You see, Momma got this card in the mail that had my name on in(which actually means it is my mail, right?).

Well, anyhow, it was from the vet-ur-nair-uhn and sez it is time for my annual owie shots. I tried to hide it under the table and make it look like it got blowed off my accident, but Momma saw it anyhow. So, next week, i haz to get my shots and the lady will probably stick that stick, "you-know-wheres." Gez, why can't a fellow get a little bit of decency?
Some of the other cats on SpaceHook sez they are not dressing for Halloween this year. I hated my costume last year. I had to be a Little Devil. Can you imagine me being a devil?
I think I may join the protest too. Do we still get catnip and mouwzies and catberry treats, if we don't wear a costume?????
I did bat my little sister on the head just now, but she was biting my ear. Is that wrong?
~Mugsy, Angel Kitty

Friday, September 4, 2009


I forgot to put my latest photo. Here I am now:

So, to continue my story. I hid under the sofa most of the first days. Mel was not happy about another kitty in the home. I had to get yucky medicine and Momma put stuff in my eyes cause I had a cold virus.
(My father kept asking about his eyes. He wanted to be sure they would clear up and not stay all yucky.)
One day I decided to be very, very brave. I walked up to my new big brother and gave him a big sniff. He then smelled me from nose to tail and started licking me! It tickled, but it was nice to get a bath too.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my name. I am Mugsy Andrew. The neighbor that saved me was named Andrew. I was named Mugsy because two weeks before, Momma had gotten a mug with a black and white kitty. I looked so much like the kitty on the mug, that she named me Mugsy.
It is a neat story,huh?
Here is the picture of me with my mug:

Anyhow, Mel and I got along fine after that day. we played together and he taught me lots about being a big cat. We have fun together, but sometimes we play too rough. When that happens, Momma fusses at us.
When my grandparents first met me, they kept saying how little I was. I only weighed one and a half pounds then. But, I grew into a big kitty.
Later on we found out I had feline asthma. This means I cannot breve very good some days. I have to take more pills, but I have fine now.
I am two years old(plus a few weeks). I love all the attention I get.
Oh, and I weigh over 12 pounds now! I am a big boy!
Thanks for reading my story and celebrating my Gottcha Day!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mugsy's First Pics

Look how little I was!

Momma said I was the cutest, itty, bitty, kitty she had seen!

Hee-hee, I still am!!!

My Gottcha Day

September 4 is my Gottcha Day. 'Zactly 2 years ago, I came to live with my Momma. She took good care of me and I am fine and healthy today.
If you do not know my story, keep reading. I'd love to tell it to you now.
Momma will help me tell it.

Momma was at home in her part of a ment. She had been to the "bean" doctor to get something cut off her ear. Since she had an owie on her ear, she was at home around lunch time. ( I had a non cancerous growth cut off my ear lobe and once the shot had worn off, I discovered how bad it really did hurt).
Okay, so she was laying on the sofa taking it easy when there was a knock at the door. It was her neighbor, Andy, who worked at the Army base. He said he needed to know how to get to the Who-main Si- sigh-tee.
And then he said, he could not do it and would she take this little kitten.
Now, I should explain, I was found by two nice soldiers at the base and they gave me water out of one of their canteens. I was scared, but very thirsty and very hungry.( Andy is a sweetheart and loves animals. He also knew that he could not go to the Humane Society to leave a little kitten and not end up with another pet. he asked me to take the kitten and he would help me pay the first vet bill).
So, Momma went out to his SUV and he took me out of a box. He had to put his work boots on top 'cuz I kept trying to get out. I was very, very scared and did not know what was gonna happen. Momma took me in her hands very carefully, as I was teeny-tiny. She said she loved me at first sight. ( I did love him at first sight, he was very little, had an adorable black mark on his nose and made a soft meow. He had climbed up in the engine of a car, was dirty, and had water on him, as they had to get him out by pouring water in car so the lady could leave.)
Anyhow, the next part was bad. I had to go to the vet-ur-nay-run to see if I was okay. I had to get shots and yucky medicine. But, then I got to go back to the part of a ment. I hid under the sofa most of the night and next day. I was scared of my new big brother. All he did was growl and hiss at me.
I was so very afraid and did not know what would happen. I finally fell asleep from being so stressed out and tired from the shots. It was a scary first day. I had a really tough time then.
I will post more of my story later and also a picture of me then and now.
G'nite and Meow,
Mugsy Andrew

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My sisters, Maddy and Mia
*Grandma and Grandpapa came to see us tonight and we got extra snuggles.
*Momma is sewing her sock monkey and Maddy wants to help, but she is not allowed. The monkey is for the baby of her friend.
*Melech knows how to jump up and open the kitchen cabinets and then climb up high. He sleeps way, way up and we can't get the high.
*Mia's ears look much better and she is doing really good.
*Mia got wees-qued on Good Friday and is now an inside kitty. She drools on Momma cuz she does not have ANY teef. We don't know where she left her teef, but the toof fairy must have left a lot of catnip there.
*Speaking of catnip, Momma made a catnip fishie and Mia chewed on it all night. She is gonna make more, after she finished the sock monkey.
* I think the monkey is scary and should NOT be given to a baby!
* I am now two years old and I have deep thoughts.
* Momma sez it is time to turn the 'puter off and call it a night. But, it is really morning. We get breakfast in like 4 and half hours!!!!!
This is Mugsy saying,
Peace of the Paw,
Mugsy Andrew(cat blogger and wise thinker of deep thougths)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A word from Mugsy

So now that I am a BIG BOY of two, I have some deep thougths.

I wonder about why my little sister runs through the house hollering.

I wonder why Momma does not get up and fed me breakfast the first time I ask.

I wonder why more people don't like Oh-baa-ma. I think he is cool and trying to help out the E-con-mee, who-man's health care and world peace.

I wonder about lots of other stuff, but this is the big stuff.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

News Alert

It is almost by Birfday. I will be two years old in 8 more days.

My little sister is sick and so I am having to be good to her and not taunt her too much. She has an URI and her nose is all gross.

I am a very good, big brother and I follow most directions.

My cousins will be 4 years old soon. Their names are Fish and Whistle.

I am a sweet boy. Momma sez so. The picture of me shows where I sits to wait on Momma to come in the door. I knows she is here when I hear the Grrr-age Door Opener noise

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Funny Story

Last night Momma got up to get something to drink. She said she had a frog in her throat. I never saw it and Bonnie is still in her glass box with water.
Anyhow, Momma was going back to bed. She had been cleaning and left a can of cleaning spray on the car-pet. She walked through the room, looked and meowed. Then bent down and petted the can!!!!!!
She said it was 'cuz she did not have her contacts in and it was dark. I think Momma is silly.
How could she confuse a can of cleaning stuff for me???
Maybe she got into our catnip!
The End!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Momma sez she may try to make jewlery about of cat poop she petrifies and sprays with clear stuff.

Do ya think she is serious?????


P.S. Iz watchin' da birdy-birds in dis pictur

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lots of NEWs

I have had lots of NEWs, and so that is my news. I have a new little sister and a new big sister. We have new 'lectrictee. This guy came in and changed all the sockets and worked on the wires and stuff. Momma said he was fixing it. I think he tore it up. Anyhow, he was here for three days and I followed him everywhere. He is gone now.
Momma got new birdseed and so we have lots of birdy-birds to watch.
Momma sez we might have a new place to live one day soon. She may have a new job soon. I like it here and don't want to move again. Moving is BAD. There is noise and the kittehs must hide and then you have to go in the crates and ride without frow-ups. I want to stay here and watch the birdy-birds. All .NEWs makes me sleepy

Mia speaks

Thanks to the many of you who have asked about my health and prayed for my ears to get well. The good news is my ears are healing up good and I will not need surgery. My lovely white fur is growing back over the place where a fan belt got me. So I am doing good, I put on some weight and am feeling good. I even play some with my toys.
I am getting used to my new sister and brothers. The brothers are hard to get used to, but they are not too bad. I think I will like it here and shall stay.
Thanks to all my friends at RGBP!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Our new sister has a name now.
Her name is Mia.
This is all for now.
Mugsy and Maddy

Saturday, April 11, 2009


There is
in the house. NO! I think three is enough now.

I don't enough teh'shun as it is. This one is also another G-I-R-L cat. This is her.

What was momma thinking?

Anyhow, Momma says we have to let her rest. SHe had to have surgery to get her "fixed" but she was already fixed. But then, the vet-tra-nay-run found a her-near. Momma says they hurt really bad, but the doctor lady fixed it. i hope I don't get a "he-near."

Mugsy Andrew

Friday, April 3, 2009

B-day Alert

It is eleven days until my birthday. I will be four years old.
I am the senior kitteh in our house and I am in charge.
I no longer play silly kitten games, i am too old for that.
I play BIG Boy cat games now.
I hope to get some of my favorite kitty treats and a can of Dee-wish-us Gourmet Food for the Finicky Cat on my birthday.
Your Truly,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who Needs a Laptop???

When ya got me!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mugy's Musings

So, early this morning I go into Momma's bedroom and say, " MEEEEEE-OOOO-WWWWWW!
She looks at me and looks at her 'tomic clock and says," No, no Mugsy, it is still too early." I start knocking stuff off her table and say,' MEOW!" And she says, " no, it is not time to get up."
Finally, after I bited her nose and meowed and knocked stuff off her table, she gets up.
She fixes our breakfast and looks at the kitchen clock that she fixed last night. Then, she says, " Oh Mugsy, you are such a smart kitty. You knew what time it was even when the 'tomic clock did not. You are a very smart kitty."
Yeah, yeah, I know, the tummy always knows.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Maddy Speaks

Hi! My name is Madelyn (my friends call me Maddy). I am a new cat in 1-4 G's household and I have two big brothers. I am very thankful to now be an inside cat. It was very cold in the out-of-doors and I like it warm My favor tie toy is my blue mousie, it smells good. My favorite food is whatever is in my pink dish. I like havign chin skreetches and cuddles. Mugsy plays with me, but Melech still hisses some. I like being an indoor kitty. I had enough of the adventure cat lifestyle and enjoy safe security inside. Please drop by when you can.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I like my new, little sister pretty good now. I have been playing chase and paw slaps with her.
We both sleep in bed with Momma and give her nose kisses.Melech still does not like her. He says it was too crowded already and he does not like girls.
He hopes he will wake up and see it was a bad dream.
I think she is okay. Girls are fine.
Mugsy Andrew (now a BIG Brother too!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


We don't not like this one little bit. It is a girl kitty! We have an all boys club here. Her name is Madelyn. This is fitting because we are mad about her being here. This is not good.
Affectionatley (except for HER),
Mel and Mugs

Friday, January 23, 2009


Momma is home and we are happy again. She brought us new cat cookies and told us about seeing a snake on a trail...
We don't think she should leave us again.
But, we do like Divine Mrs. M, she took care of us along with Big T.
We like them a lot. But, we don't like sleeping alone at night. It is too scary.
We also like to cuddle early in the morning.
Why can't cats go to the beach too?
We like shrimp, fish, and turtles.
Mel and Mugsy