Friday, December 19, 2008

New Cousin

It is with somewhat (understandable) reserve that we introduce our newest cat cousin, Fraidy Cat. He lives with Grandma-ma, and Grandpa-pa in the big brick house on the hill. Fraidy is about 7 months old and has really big feet and a bushy tail (all the time). He has a very nice "M" and also has a mane that is beautiful. We think we shall like him from a distance.
Meowy Christmas!
Melech and Mugsy Andrew

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hey, It's Mugsy!

Guess W-H-A-T????

Santa Claus is coming!!!!

Just thougth you should know.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Momma had the session over for a dinner party, without the cats! Just before the guests began to arrive, I had to check out the final arrangements and inspect the table decor.
I told Momma it looked good, but was sad to see there would be no tuna fish with shrimp.
She just does not know how to do things!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Uh...I's Awake Now

I so tired!!!! I feel asweep watchign the 'lec-shun.
Did Oh-Baa-Ma win? Did he? Is he gonna put a cat in his cabinet? Will all cats be getting untaxed cat nip? What about shots with owies? Does we still hasta have 'em? I soooo sweepy! I can't hold my eyes open no mores.
One Tired Demo-cat,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Happy Halloween From Us Boys!!!!!

Melech The Ghost & Mugsy as Bat Devil

Monday, September 29, 2008

Re: Meme

Our Momma got tagged by Rev Kim for a meme...but, she had done played it and asked us to play instead.
It is 'possed to be 6 Unremarkable Things About Me. But, we are cats and therefore everything about us is Remarkable, so we had to tweek the title a bit.
We each have 3 things, just to be fair.
6 Remarkable Things About US!
1. I knock things off the table (using my nose) to wake my Who-man- bean up for breakfast everyday.
2. I was rescued by Uncle Andy from an Army base in another state ( I didn't want to be an Army cat, I don't look good in olive green!)
3. I have a special spot on my nose which distinguishes me from all other Tuxedo cats.
4. I am part Bengal and have spots on my sides to prove it
5. I can open drawers and cabinets with my feet and will often pull stuff out to rearrange stuff.
6. I am the bestest Big Bubba in the world...I take care of my little brother by washing him and making sure he has clean ears.
If you are a pet blogger, then you are tagged to do 6 Remarkable Things...if you are a Who-man-bean, then you do the Unremarkable Things!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Calls Please

The past 20 hours have been very stressful. I had a bad asthma attack, was rushed to the emergency vet, had Xrays, tests, and was stuck several times and had to be shaved in a few spots. I am okay, but very stressed out. Please no calls tonight, I will be resting up for a full Saturday of football games.

My press secretary will be taking all of my messages and I will get back to you on Monday.


Mugsy Andrew (grateful to be alive, less than happy about the shaved spots)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It is my 'pinon that who-man-beans should get up when we tells them too.
I had to knocks stuff off of the table and meow really loud before my Momma finally got up today.
Hello??? It is time for breakfast!
My name is Mugsy and I approves this here blog.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun Meme to Play

Mugsy here!!!!! Wanna play?
Here's the rules:
1. Any animal can play, except human beings, cuz they do their own memes! Thank you very much!
2. If you play be sure and tag another pet pal to play and be sure they know they got tagged.
3. Answer the nine questions (duh, nine lives, nine questions).
4. Be honest
5. Let people know you played too!
Here we go....
1. Favorite place to nap? on window ledge
2. Favorite past time? playing with string, toys, or toes
3. Favorite treat? De-furr-ums
4. Indoor or outdoor preference? Indoor
5. How did you come to live with your peeps? I got wes-cued by Uncle Andy
6. Litter box, tree or fire hydrant? litter box
7. Best toy you ever got? Milk ring off top of milk
8.Sleep in or early riser? EARLY!!!!!
9. Wish for all the world? All animals to have a home
I tag Fish and Tira

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Momma is home!!!!
We are happy boys!!!!!
Momma is home!!!!
R-r-r-r-a-a-o-o-o-w!! Purrrrrrrrr....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Momma is really into all the sigh-UN-ti-fic studies they do on werid things.
Here is the latest odd one she saw today:
I, however, must speak for the cats of the world by simply saying that we too, have the ability to have emphathy. We can share anotehr's feelings, but as cats, we make the choice to do it or not.
So, if we want to yawn, we yawn, if we don't wish to yawn, then we don't.
Dogs, like Who-man-beans, have no self-control so they yawn when anybody else does.
It is quite simple really, no need for a study.
Sincerly yours,
Melech, Science Wizard Wonder

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where Is the Love

Like what is the big, fat, harry deal? We get left alone all day! no snorrgles, no lovin', no extra treats for being cute....
We get no respect what so ever. Really, need we say more?

This is Mel and Mugs and we approve this message.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


1. Watching squirrels- fun
2. Loud booms at night- not fun
3. Chasing flying insects through house- fun
4. Getting stincky stuff put on us- not fun and stinky
5. Cuddles with our Momma-very fun
6. Not getting supper until 7PM---- HELLO!?!
7. Talking to birdie-birds outside at feeder- lots nd ltos of fun
8. Having noisy kids run through the house--not so much

We are Melech and Mugsy
We approve this message

Monday, July 14, 2008

Update from the Paw

I am doing very well in the new home. Mugsy and I like it here pretty good, but we did not like the 6 hour ride in the car. Momma had even gotten a tape to help "soothe" us.
STOOPID!!!!!! We were not soothed and the music did not even have words. Nope, just elevator music. Boring!!!No Cat Stevens or Pussycat Dolls or Three Dog Night, even.So, anyhow, we gets here and there is all this room to run and play. We can sleep in any of the rooms, but we like it best is Momma's bedroom.Lots of people brought food, flowers, and stuff for her, but nothing for us cats. So not fair.But last night some people came over and Momma, and Grand mama, and Grandpop had fixed up and cleaned and cooked. Momma tried to hide us in the bedroom, but I know how to open the door! I use my toenails. Anyhow, they had a meeting in the living room. So, I went in and sat on the ottoman. I wanted to see what they were meeeting about, but after they talked church stuff a while and nothing else, I just got up and left. I mean it was boring...Oh, the best part was when they left and i got to lick the rest of the cream out of this little dish. Yummy!Anyhow, we are all fine. Mugsy like it here too and I think it is living up to my royal standards.I would like a full time massage lady though.Pictures will follow soon. :)Peace of the Paw,MelechP.S.Mugsy has a birthday on July 31...he will be one year old, a whole 365 days!Shhhh!!!! Don't tell him you know...just drop by our blog our Momma's blog and tell him then.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Musings by Mugsy

Hi Everyone.
I been a very sick little boy and Momma has been too worried and upset to blog any at all.
Sunday night late (or Monday morning early) I was not breaving too well. I keep my head down and made a funny sound and keep trying to swallow. Momma petted me, tried to get me to drink water and rubbed me. Nuthin' helped and so at 2AM she called the vet-ur-nair-un. She meet us at the clinic and began to poke me and prod me and made a picture of my insides.

She told Momma I was really sick and she was not sure what i had. She thought I might have fluid on my lungs or something else wrong with them. She also thought I might have feline asthma. So she kept me over night and gave me treatment and medicine that made me sleepy.
When I woke up the next day my breavin' was better and I had a big breakfast. I also hissed at the other kitties to show them I was the boss o' them! I still had to stay one more night so the ve-ur-nair-un was sure I was okay.
Momma got me this morning as soon as she came in the room I meowed and started butting my head on the cage. She loved on me and took me home to see Melech. he sniffed me and said I smelled funny and hissed. Then he licked me so the smell came off. I have been eating good, resting, and taking my med-shun like a good boy. I am glad I am home. the doctor thinks I had a cute asthma attack, but there ain't nothing cute about it!
Momma says she is too. Our family and friends prayed hard for me and I know that helped me get better.
Momma is sorry sh did not blog, but she has been upset and could not think good.
All is well now.
Pawfully Yours,
Mugsy Wugs, the kitten

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Musing and Opinions


Mom goes away and turns her 'puter off and we get all these messages from cat friends all over!

She really needs to leave the thing on when she's gone. This time she was gone all the way to North Carolina for an N-er Vue. I don't know what that is, but she said we might move.


So, anyhow, Mugs and I are quite happy about all our new buddies. I am also quite happy about the new litter box with a privacy cover. Mugsy likes it as well, but he likes to hide in it and jump out and grab me! Kids! I am now three years old...a big man of the house and well versed in the ways of the feline world.

I really do enjoy watching the birds and squirrels. Mugsy likes playing with W and T the big dawgs next door. I am not so very found of things that droll, poop in the open (PU-LEEZ!), and pant heavily. I prefer calm, peace, and quite of my abode.

Melech, the Wise King

Hey Everybody!!!!

I'm baaa-aa-ck! Miss me??? I can't type to good, but I still like to say hi to my catpals, dogpals, and humanpals in hyper-space. I had to get momma up early this mornign to go to early, early church. She said she had to go read in Port-U-geese. Whatever. I got her up and out the door and she made it...ALL because of me.

Know waht? I got a new potty. It is built like a little house and I can hide in it or do my bid-ness in it. Cool, huh?

Guess what else? Today is Mother's Day and Mel and me got Momma a book about Cat Codependency for her to read. She laughed when she read the part about knitting with cats.

She gave us both a nose kiss!

I better go see what Bubba is doing. 'Cuz he might be having fun without me!



Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just So Ya Know

My birthday is in one month. I will be a 3 year old, big, big boy.
I am a very, very good Big Bubba to Mugsy.
Unashamedly yours,

Saturday, March 8, 2008

News Flash!!!!!

I am gonna be three years old in one month and one week. And I like cat nip mouseys, catberry treats, and feathers.
Just so ya know!!!!!!
Shhh! Mommma's coming! Don't tell her I told ya so!!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Mommy is home and we are happy!
We have purred, cuddled, snorggled, and done nose kisses.
Life is good!
Her suitcase is still out...We think that might be bad!
We can both fit in it though and each carry our own toy.
We should go too! It will be much better than being alone in a Funder Storm.
Have you snorrgled you Who-Man-Beans today?
Peace of the Paw,
Mel and Mugs

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


My pin-yon is that who-man beans should not leave their kitty cats alone.
It is scary by yourself at night and nobody to snorrgle with.
We don't like this, not one little bit!

Friday, February 22, 2008


My 'pinion is that I don't like thunder. it scares me and I must run hide. If you want me I am under my quilt tent and will not be out until the boom sounds go away, far away, like Mars or Egypt or Tim-buck-two. Anywhere but here.
I feel that the sounds of rain outside the window create a feeling of soft intimacy and bring our Who-Man-Beans to desire more snuggles and cuddles. Rain storms are great for making us cats to be more appreciated as we truly are. We are teh snuggliest of all creatures.
Aunt Casserole????
Is there a cat deck on the Love Boat cruise? Mommy can't go, but I thought i might join up with Whistle and Fish if they are going. I hear that cats get fish every, single night and there's an island that has nothing but cat nip and cat grass growing on it and they let you sip a drink of cat milk with a little umbrella from a bowl.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


This is me and my Big Bubba, Melech. See how I have my hand on his shoulder? That means we are bestest of buddies! We are bird watching. It is so much fun, except, I don't get where the birds go after they get passed the window. I looked in the laundry room, but no little birdies!
Whistle, Ouzo, Fish, Truffle, Dubby, Tira and all the other catpals! Does anyone know where the little birdies go after they pass the window? I looked and looked and even called to them, but no little birdies. My Bubba and I have fun watching the birds. I love my Big Bubba, Mel. He the greatest.
Mugsy the Kitty with the Long, Fluffy Tail

Friday, January 18, 2008


It is my 'pinion that the cats should not be left alone for Christmas. It is totally wrong to give us treats and toys and then pack up and leave for 5 days. It is especially bad when icy cold water leaks from the upstairs neighbors and makes a huge puddle in the kitchen floor. Do you have any idea how cold the water was?
May I also add that not leaving adequate selections of food is in the worst of the worst category?
Then strange men come in our home and make loud noises and we had to get shut up in the bathroom. I mean How rude!!!!!!
And placing me in the same room with the minors and not allowing proper breathing spaces.
So, then they finally leave and Emily and J take care of us, but they leave after calling Mom to fill her in and we don't EVEN get to say, Meow!"
Yes, the holidays pretty much sucked at our house. I am not 'posed to say that word, but sometimes ya just gotta cuss. Mom says that sometimes!
Mommy did make it home for New Years Eve and she brought presents form our aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grandpa.
Yes, the catnip mouse alone is worth a lot of flooded kitchens.
And now the bestest part,...
Mommy is learning to knit, which means there is lots of yarn in the house. And i get to play with it. Mommy is also making jewelry for this Lady's Buzz-R. I don't know ht a Buzz-R is, but I sure like having all the beads to play with. I help Mommy pick out colors.
And thus ends are Opinions for the day.
If you have any problems, concerns, or negstive commnets about what we say here, then Bite ME! And if you wish to praise us, give us chin scratches, and brag on our computer skills and otherwise love and adore us, Mommy will give you the directions to our house.