Thursday, July 23, 2009

News Alert

It is almost by Birfday. I will be two years old in 8 more days.

My little sister is sick and so I am having to be good to her and not taunt her too much. She has an URI and her nose is all gross.

I am a very good, big brother and I follow most directions.

My cousins will be 4 years old soon. Their names are Fish and Whistle.

I am a sweet boy. Momma sez so. The picture of me shows where I sits to wait on Momma to come in the door. I knows she is here when I hear the Grrr-age Door Opener noise

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Funny Story

Last night Momma got up to get something to drink. She said she had a frog in her throat. I never saw it and Bonnie is still in her glass box with water.
Anyhow, Momma was going back to bed. She had been cleaning and left a can of cleaning spray on the car-pet. She walked through the room, looked and meowed. Then bent down and petted the can!!!!!!
She said it was 'cuz she did not have her contacts in and it was dark. I think Momma is silly.
How could she confuse a can of cleaning stuff for me???
Maybe she got into our catnip!
The End!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Momma sez she may try to make jewlery about of cat poop she petrifies and sprays with clear stuff.

Do ya think she is serious?????


P.S. Iz watchin' da birdy-birds in dis pictur