Sunday, December 23, 2007

Why There Are No Cats in The Nativity

It was not exactly a silent night as the giant kittycat lurked in the shadows and suddenly descended on the stable. Run, Shepherd Boy, Run!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And here is my photo with Santa when I was just a kitten too! My Santa was very young and his beard was lame, but aren't I the cutest little thing? Oh, this Santa also did not know how to hold cats!LOOK where his right hand is! No wonder I have such a surprised look on my face!

Good Grief!!!!!

By Popular Demand

Here is me posing with my photo with Santa. Mommy couldnt get the actual photo on her 'puter, so she made a picture of a picture. Well, I came up with the idea! Anyhow, look at me!!!!!! I eve nahve a jingle bell colllar on. Oh, and look at my GREAT BIG KITTYCAT feet! I sampled one of Mommy's Lemon Star cookies last night. It was yummy! She didn't even know I was on the counter!!! Tee-hee!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Thoughts on Santa Claus and More

See, here I am as I hideth in the Christmas tree.
And here is My Big Bubba under the tree!
Honest Dubby! They put a TREE INSIDE!!!!!!

So, I went to see Santa and well, I got scared because Mr. Barky Von Schnauzer was just outside the door and it was really loud!!!! So, Momma hands me over to Santa and I was trying to remember what I wanted and then they put this jingle bell collar on me and I freaked. I freaked and I tried to jump and I got my foot hung in Santa's beard (May I just say, " That is one scary dude!"). Well, then it happened. I pulled his beard off. It was a fake. Imagine that! A fake beard on this guy and red was NOT his color.
So, I forgot to tell him what I wanted, but mom did get me back for a quick photo, but that was it. She said she could write him a "letter" and he would bring me some cat cookies, a new mousie and maybe a rubber ball to bounce.
Oh, the lady did say I was CUTE and SOFT!!!!!!!!! me and Melech work hard to keep my coat silky smooth.
Mugsy the Kitten

Yo! Mel here!!! Tee-Hee. The poor little guy was in for a fright I tell you. In my Santa picture, I have all my claws fully extended and a look of sheer terror in my eyes. But, they made nice gifts for the peeps! I am enjoying having the tree back to. I am too big to climb now, but I do enjoy sitting under it and watching the Okra Lights change color. I also like the little music that is hidden in the quilted tree skirt. if you put your paw on it and push, it plays Christmas music! The tree skirt is also great for naps!
Okay, for now...
Peace of the Paw,

Saturday, December 1, 2007


I'm going to see Santa, I'm going to see Santa.....(deep breath). I'm going to see Santa Claus!
Uh, bye!!!!