Friday, November 30, 2007

News and MORE News

Guess what???? we have a tree!!!! Its in our living room...inside!!!! And, it has lights and jingle bells and dangly down things and, and, and... (deep breath) and i have a stocking and Mommy says some guy named Santa will put treats in it and maybe a toy mouse and there's bows and paper in the bedroom and lots of crinkly bags with STUFF in them!!!!!
Melech says that Christmas is coming, but we have to wait.....
Melech: Yeah, its the kid's first Christmas and he has to learn all the ropes.
1. Cats are no allowed IN the TREEE!
2. You are not allowed to get in the bags on the bed.
3. You may NOT jump on the counter when the cookies come out of the oven.
4. You can't open a gift, evne if its got your name on it until Christmas
5. No sniffing hte candles on the Advent wreath
6. And under no circumstances are you to chew on the cords that light the tree up.
It is a lot for a little guy to learn. I hope Momma will be pateint with him like she was my first Christmas.
My hope this year is for all the cats to find homes and be safe, well fed, dry, and happy.
Oh, and I also hope for my own bag of catberry treats. Yum!!!!!
More from the M and M boys later.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is REALLY Bad!

It is so awful! You won't believe what I have been through today.

Mommy took me back to the VET-ra-Nair-un. I started growling and hissing as soon as I smelled where we were. I was not about to be dipped in that stinky stuff again!

But, what happened next is oh so much worse!!!!!!

I went to sleep and when I woke up, I was sore on my bottom and something was missing!!!!!

More exactly, TWO somethings were missing!!!!!
I went to sleep for just a little while and somebody stole my manlyhoodedness, before I even grew up!
Now I am sore and I can't jump in the bed or on the sofa with Mommy. I can't get on the tub while she takes a bath (her funny way with water!), and Melech says I smell funny. I can't help it.
The only good part about today is that Grandma and Grandpa came to see me and bought me a toy mousie.
I hope tomorrow is better. i hear we get to eat turkey soon. I have never had turkey before!
Mel does not like turkey, so I get to eat his too! I hope I like turkey!
For now, I am going to sleep on the floor, without my Mommy's soft, curly hiar to peedle in
until I sleep. I feel so, so...violtaed. I mean, do you know what they did to me?
Melech said he had the same thing happen to him at the Who-Main-sigh-tee. He said I will get better, but it will hurt for a while.
This was so wrong. Mommy says I will be a happier, healthier kitty, but not tonight!
Mugsy, The Kitten Who Lost His ...
(Rhymes with the things we will "deck" next week or the guy in the Bible who lost his sight )

Friday, November 9, 2007


Guess what?!?
There's this thing that keeps chasing after me! I run in circles to try and lose it and it keeps finding me and then I jump on the bed to give it the slip and it finds me again and it stays right behind me all the time. It is long, furry, and black. I tried to bite it and it hurt me!
Momma says I have discovered my tail. Who Knew???? I have a tail. Melech says I am a silly little kitten. Know what? Momma says Mel used to chase his tail too and he would bite it and then yowl. I just gave him my smug look. Life is great. I have a home, a mommy, a big Bubba and a huge litter box.
Peace of the Paw,
Mugsy the Kitteh
Yeah, yeah. We all chase our tail until we grow up and learn better. I am an older, sophisticated cat now and no longer play kitten games. I help Momma with her stuff and keep Mugsy out of the way. The "man in the van with a can" came to spray for bugs this morning and Mugsy ran right up to him. Doesn't he know that is dangerous? Bad things happen to those bugs and I sure don't want it happening to me. I do have nine lives but I am not about to waste one by dying with my legs up in the air after suffering a horribly, painful death.
I have to go sit in the window and contemplate stuff for a while. I also must give a good luck tap of the paw on Momma's preaching video before she mails it off. She says that a tap of a cat's paw will bring good luck. I had never heard of this before, but who am I to argue with her? Besides she always gives me a chin scratch and I think that is lucky.

Monday, November 5, 2007

We're Up and Running


We have our own blog.
It's called MEOW for Musings, Edifications, Opinions, and Wisecracks. We will be doing all four from time to time.
We are so excited we don't know where to start! Maybe with a picture so you know what we look like! Melech's opinion is on Catberry Treats. He says they are the best. Mugsy thinks that cats should be allowed to vote.
Peace of the Paw,
M and M