Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Was a Bad Little Kitty

I was a bad kitty today. Sorta. You see, Momma got this card in the mail that had my name on in(which actually means it is my mail, right?).

Well, anyhow, it was from the vet-ur-nair-uhn and sez it is time for my annual owie shots. I tried to hide it under the table and make it look like it got blowed off my accident, but Momma saw it anyhow. So, next week, i haz to get my shots and the lady will probably stick that stick, "you-know-wheres." Gez, why can't a fellow get a little bit of decency?
Some of the other cats on SpaceHook sez they are not dressing for Halloween this year. I hated my costume last year. I had to be a Little Devil. Can you imagine me being a devil?
I think I may join the protest too. Do we still get catnip and mouwzies and catberry treats, if we don't wear a costume?????
I did bat my little sister on the head just now, but she was biting my ear. Is that wrong?
~Mugsy, Angel Kitty

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