Friday, September 4, 2009

So, to continue my story. I hid under the sofa most of the first days. Mel was not happy about another kitty in the home. I had to get yucky medicine and Momma put stuff in my eyes cause I had a cold virus.
(My father kept asking about his eyes. He wanted to be sure they would clear up and not stay all yucky.)
One day I decided to be very, very brave. I walked up to my new big brother and gave him a big sniff. He then smelled me from nose to tail and started licking me! It tickled, but it was nice to get a bath too.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my name. I am Mugsy Andrew. The neighbor that saved me was named Andrew. I was named Mugsy because two weeks before, Momma had gotten a mug with a black and white kitty. I looked so much like the kitty on the mug, that she named me Mugsy.
It is a neat story,huh?
Here is the picture of me with my mug:

Anyhow, Mel and I got along fine after that day. we played together and he taught me lots about being a big cat. We have fun together, but sometimes we play too rough. When that happens, Momma fusses at us.
When my grandparents first met me, they kept saying how little I was. I only weighed one and a half pounds then. But, I grew into a big kitty.
Later on we found out I had feline asthma. This means I cannot breve very good some days. I have to take more pills, but I have fine now.
I am two years old(plus a few weeks). I love all the attention I get.
Oh, and I weigh over 12 pounds now! I am a big boy!
Thanks for reading my story and celebrating my Gottcha Day!

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