Friday, May 15, 2009

Lots of NEWs

I have had lots of NEWs, and so that is my news. I have a new little sister and a new big sister. We have new 'lectrictee. This guy came in and changed all the sockets and worked on the wires and stuff. Momma said he was fixing it. I think he tore it up. Anyhow, he was here for three days and I followed him everywhere. He is gone now.
Momma got new birdseed and so we have lots of birdy-birds to watch.
Momma sez we might have a new place to live one day soon. She may have a new job soon. I like it here and don't want to move again. Moving is BAD. There is noise and the kittehs must hide and then you have to go in the crates and ride without frow-ups. I want to stay here and watch the birdy-birds. All .NEWs makes me sleepy


Psalmist said...

Hi, Melech, Mugsy, Maddy, and Mia. Thank you for 'viting me to visit you here, Mugsy. I'm your cousin Molly, whose mama is Psalmist. I'm glad you read my comment at Whistle's blog. Mama is letting me comment again, because you said you wanted to be my friend. I think we tuxedo girls and boys need to stick together.

I need kitteh friends. I'm extra-lonesome, since Mama hasn't gotten a brother- or sister-cat to come live with us yet. She says she's going to wait a little while longer. I wish she'd spend more time at home. She had to work for a wedding today. I have no idea what that is, but she got all dressed up and wore loud clicky things on her feet. Do you know why who-man beans wear shoos? Seems pretty silly to me. And there's more! When she said bye to me and held me so I could purr in her ear, there was a big, nasty old sparkly thing hanging from her ear, just begging me to play with it! And I saw one just like it in her other ear, too! She always has things hanging from her ears, but I never saw sparkly, swingy ones before. She didn't like it when I played with it, either. And then she left and stayed gone a long, long time. Sometimes when she leaves, I wonder if she's EVER coming back! I think she should least she should take me with her. Mama told me I am VERY good in the car. I didn't make a sound and just curled up in my carrier when she brought me home from the Pets-Are-Smart store. So since I'm so good, why doesn't she take me everywhere with her? What could be so important that she'd leave me all day? Do you kittehs know? All Mama told me is that it's "work." Sounds like a four-letter word to me.

Oh, mama is strange, but she's my mama now and I love her. My last mama died, and this mama's kittehs died, so I am sure that's why God put us together. We need each other.

Glad to meet all of you. I'll let you know when Mama and I get my blog ready for you to visit.

Bye! Molly

Karen Jo said...

You are right, Melech. Moving is really hard on kitties. I hope everything is going well with all of you.

Sue said...

Yup, being in the crate without frow up is very very difficult. I hope there will be plenty of birdy-birds in the new place too.

Psalmist said...

Hi, my fellow M-cat friends. It's Maggie, Molly's new sister-cat. I had fun reading your X-sell-unt blog. Did you move yet? I don't like moving. When Mama brought me home, I stayed under the loveseat for Two.Whole.Days. That showed Mama, don't you think?

I will come and visit you again. Meanwhile, don't let some stooopid hew-min tape you up inside a box or something. You never know what a hew-min will do when they get busy with stuff like moving. I've told my mama there'd better not be any more moving for a long, long time. We kittehs need some stability in our lives.

Bye-bye, Melech and Mugsy and Madelyn and Mia.

P.S. Madelyn, I'm a tabby kitteh, too!

Avery Cosgrove said...

DO YOU HAVE any kittens ur sale???Please call me Roxanne Cyrus

boyjunyor said...

Moving is really hard on kitties. I hope everything is going well with all of you.