Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where Is the Love

Like what is the big, fat, harry deal? We get left alone all day! no snorrgles, no lovin', no extra treats for being cute....
We get no respect what so ever. Really, need we say more?

This is Mel and Mugs and we approve this message.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


1. Watching squirrels- fun
2. Loud booms at night- not fun
3. Chasing flying insects through house- fun
4. Getting stincky stuff put on us- not fun and stinky
5. Cuddles with our Momma-very fun
6. Not getting supper until 7PM---- HELLO!?!
7. Talking to birdie-birds outside at feeder- lots nd ltos of fun
8. Having noisy kids run through the house--not so much

We are Melech and Mugsy
We approve this message

Monday, July 14, 2008

Update from the Paw

I am doing very well in the new home. Mugsy and I like it here pretty good, but we did not like the 6 hour ride in the car. Momma had even gotten a tape to help "soothe" us.
STOOPID!!!!!! We were not soothed and the music did not even have words. Nope, just elevator music. Boring!!!No Cat Stevens or Pussycat Dolls or Three Dog Night, even.So, anyhow, we gets here and there is all this room to run and play. We can sleep in any of the rooms, but we like it best is Momma's bedroom.Lots of people brought food, flowers, and stuff for her, but nothing for us cats. So not fair.But last night some people came over and Momma, and Grand mama, and Grandpop had fixed up and cleaned and cooked. Momma tried to hide us in the bedroom, but I know how to open the door! I use my toenails. Anyhow, they had a meeting in the living room. So, I went in and sat on the ottoman. I wanted to see what they were meeeting about, but after they talked church stuff a while and nothing else, I just got up and left. I mean it was boring...Oh, the best part was when they left and i got to lick the rest of the cream out of this little dish. Yummy!Anyhow, we are all fine. Mugsy like it here too and I think it is living up to my royal standards.I would like a full time massage lady though.Pictures will follow soon. :)Peace of the Paw,MelechP.S.Mugsy has a birthday on July 31...he will be one year old, a whole 365 days!Shhhh!!!! Don't tell him you know...just drop by our blog our Momma's blog and tell him then.