Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My sisters, Maddy and Mia
*Grandma and Grandpapa came to see us tonight and we got extra snuggles.
*Momma is sewing her sock monkey and Maddy wants to help, but she is not allowed. The monkey is for the baby of her friend.
*Melech knows how to jump up and open the kitchen cabinets and then climb up high. He sleeps way, way up and we can't get the high.
*Mia's ears look much better and she is doing really good.
*Mia got wees-qued on Good Friday and is now an inside kitty. She drools on Momma cuz she does not have ANY teef. We don't know where she left her teef, but the toof fairy must have left a lot of catnip there.
*Speaking of catnip, Momma made a catnip fishie and Mia chewed on it all night. She is gonna make more, after she finished the sock monkey.
* I think the monkey is scary and should NOT be given to a baby!
* I am now two years old and I have deep thoughts.
* Momma sez it is time to turn the 'puter off and call it a night. But, it is really morning. We get breakfast in like 4 and half hours!!!!!
This is Mugsy saying,
Peace of the Paw,
Mugsy Andrew(cat blogger and wise thinker of deep thougths)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A word from Mugsy

So now that I am a BIG BOY of two, I have some deep thougths.

I wonder about why my little sister runs through the house hollering.

I wonder why Momma does not get up and fed me breakfast the first time I ask.

I wonder why more people don't like Oh-baa-ma. I think he is cool and trying to help out the E-con-mee, who-man's health care and world peace.

I wonder about lots of other stuff, but this is the big stuff.