Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cat Thoughts and Catty Thougths

Hi Everyone.
We have not blogged in a while because Momma won't let us have the computer for very long. We only have a little time to check in on Spacehook.
Anyhow, we are all fine. Melech had a little trouble with his liver enzymes and was not eating well. He got some medicine and is better.Mugsy is now an Adventure Cat like his Cat Cousin, Fish. He loves to run out and see the birds and look at the sky.

Maddy stays in where she is safe and watches everything from her new cat perch.
Mia is busy taking care of everyone and telling Momma when it is time to eat. She is very vocal when she gets hungry!
We had a good time on Mother's Day. We helped Momma fix lunch and made sure stuff tasted oaky before she served it to her guests.
Here is a recent picture of Maddy and Mia.
Peace of the Paw,
Mel, Mugs, Maddy, and Mia

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Dear Friends,
All of us kittycats are going to be on the Bissell online photo contest for pets.
Mugsy gets to go first and then Maddy will follow, etc. For those of you on Spacehook, be sure to vote this week and next and next....
We are very excited to get the word out about the need for support of NO KILL Pet Rescue shelters all over the place. We are all rescue cats and think it is important that people know. Mia is sleeping beside Momma tonight on the sofa. I have been busy trying to get inside the garbage can because there is an almost empty can of tuna fish. It has a little bit of juice in it. I love tuna. It is my favorite food.
Maddy had been trying to get to the new froggy, Stergeo. She wants to play with it and chase it. Stergeo lives in the glass box with water.
Mugsy has run outside twice when Momma did the laundry. He did not go far and he meowed when he got cold. I think it is dangerous outside. I have heard scary noises. I think Mugsy is not very smart, but don't tell Momma I sez so. I am only supposed to say nice stuff about my siblings.
It is time to go to sleep now.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Thanks to all my who-man-beans friends and my furry friends for your prayers and purrs.
I am feeling much better now. I have been eating, drinking and playing. I have also been cuddling more with Momma.
So things are pretty good now. Well, except for the not so good stuff. When my vet drew blood, she had to shave a spot on my neck. So I am bald there. And then the other vet had to shave my belly so he could do my ul-tree-sound. That part tickled and I did not like the jelly stuff, it was gross. But now, I have this bald place on my belly and you can see my nipples. Boy cats aren't suppossed to show like that. I am sad that I have two bald spots, but Momma says it will grow back soon. Mia said her furr grew back where she had her surgery. I hope mine will.
Peace of the Paw,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Was a Bad Little Kitty

I was a bad kitty today. Sorta. You see, Momma got this card in the mail that had my name on in(which actually means it is my mail, right?).

Well, anyhow, it was from the vet-ur-nair-uhn and sez it is time for my annual owie shots. I tried to hide it under the table and make it look like it got blowed off my accident, but Momma saw it anyhow. So, next week, i haz to get my shots and the lady will probably stick that stick, "you-know-wheres." Gez, why can't a fellow get a little bit of decency?
Some of the other cats on SpaceHook sez they are not dressing for Halloween this year. I hated my costume last year. I had to be a Little Devil. Can you imagine me being a devil?
I think I may join the protest too. Do we still get catnip and mouwzies and catberry treats, if we don't wear a costume?????
I did bat my little sister on the head just now, but she was biting my ear. Is that wrong?
~Mugsy, Angel Kitty

Friday, September 4, 2009


I forgot to put my latest photo. Here I am now:

So, to continue my story. I hid under the sofa most of the first days. Mel was not happy about another kitty in the home. I had to get yucky medicine and Momma put stuff in my eyes cause I had a cold virus.
(My father kept asking about his eyes. He wanted to be sure they would clear up and not stay all yucky.)
One day I decided to be very, very brave. I walked up to my new big brother and gave him a big sniff. He then smelled me from nose to tail and started licking me! It tickled, but it was nice to get a bath too.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my name. I am Mugsy Andrew. The neighbor that saved me was named Andrew. I was named Mugsy because two weeks before, Momma had gotten a mug with a black and white kitty. I looked so much like the kitty on the mug, that she named me Mugsy.
It is a neat story,huh?
Here is the picture of me with my mug:

Anyhow, Mel and I got along fine after that day. we played together and he taught me lots about being a big cat. We have fun together, but sometimes we play too rough. When that happens, Momma fusses at us.
When my grandparents first met me, they kept saying how little I was. I only weighed one and a half pounds then. But, I grew into a big kitty.
Later on we found out I had feline asthma. This means I cannot breve very good some days. I have to take more pills, but I have fine now.
I am two years old(plus a few weeks). I love all the attention I get.
Oh, and I weigh over 12 pounds now! I am a big boy!
Thanks for reading my story and celebrating my Gottcha Day!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mugsy's First Pics

Look how little I was!

Momma said I was the cutest, itty, bitty, kitty she had seen!

Hee-hee, I still am!!!