Thursday, November 12, 2009


Thanks to all my who-man-beans friends and my furry friends for your prayers and purrs.
I am feeling much better now. I have been eating, drinking and playing. I have also been cuddling more with Momma.
So things are pretty good now. Well, except for the not so good stuff. When my vet drew blood, she had to shave a spot on my neck. So I am bald there. And then the other vet had to shave my belly so he could do my ul-tree-sound. That part tickled and I did not like the jelly stuff, it was gross. But now, I have this bald place on my belly and you can see my nipples. Boy cats aren't suppossed to show like that. I am sad that I have two bald spots, but Momma says it will grow back soon. Mia said her furr grew back where she had her surgery. I hope mine will.
Peace of the Paw,