Monday, September 29, 2008

Re: Meme

Our Momma got tagged by Rev Kim for a meme...but, she had done played it and asked us to play instead.
It is 'possed to be 6 Unremarkable Things About Me. But, we are cats and therefore everything about us is Remarkable, so we had to tweek the title a bit.
We each have 3 things, just to be fair.
6 Remarkable Things About US!
1. I knock things off the table (using my nose) to wake my Who-man- bean up for breakfast everyday.
2. I was rescued by Uncle Andy from an Army base in another state ( I didn't want to be an Army cat, I don't look good in olive green!)
3. I have a special spot on my nose which distinguishes me from all other Tuxedo cats.
4. I am part Bengal and have spots on my sides to prove it
5. I can open drawers and cabinets with my feet and will often pull stuff out to rearrange stuff.
6. I am the bestest Big Bubba in the world...I take care of my little brother by washing him and making sure he has clean ears.
If you are a pet blogger, then you are tagged to do 6 Remarkable Things...if you are a Who-man-bean, then you do the Unremarkable Things!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Calls Please

The past 20 hours have been very stressful. I had a bad asthma attack, was rushed to the emergency vet, had Xrays, tests, and was stuck several times and had to be shaved in a few spots. I am okay, but very stressed out. Please no calls tonight, I will be resting up for a full Saturday of football games.

My press secretary will be taking all of my messages and I will get back to you on Monday.


Mugsy Andrew (grateful to be alive, less than happy about the shaved spots)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It is my 'pinon that who-man-beans should get up when we tells them too.
I had to knocks stuff off of the table and meow really loud before my Momma finally got up today.
Hello??? It is time for breakfast!
My name is Mugsy and I approves this here blog.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun Meme to Play

Mugsy here!!!!! Wanna play?
Here's the rules:
1. Any animal can play, except human beings, cuz they do their own memes! Thank you very much!
2. If you play be sure and tag another pet pal to play and be sure they know they got tagged.
3. Answer the nine questions (duh, nine lives, nine questions).
4. Be honest
5. Let people know you played too!
Here we go....
1. Favorite place to nap? on window ledge
2. Favorite past time? playing with string, toys, or toes
3. Favorite treat? De-furr-ums
4. Indoor or outdoor preference? Indoor
5. How did you come to live with your peeps? I got wes-cued by Uncle Andy
6. Litter box, tree or fire hydrant? litter box
7. Best toy you ever got? Milk ring off top of milk
8.Sleep in or early riser? EARLY!!!!!
9. Wish for all the world? All animals to have a home
I tag Fish and Tira