Friday, February 20, 2009

Maddy Speaks

Hi! My name is Madelyn (my friends call me Maddy). I am a new cat in 1-4 G's household and I have two big brothers. I am very thankful to now be an inside cat. It was very cold in the out-of-doors and I like it warm My favor tie toy is my blue mousie, it smells good. My favorite food is whatever is in my pink dish. I like havign chin skreetches and cuddles. Mugsy plays with me, but Melech still hisses some. I like being an indoor kitty. I had enough of the adventure cat lifestyle and enjoy safe security inside. Please drop by when you can.


Sue said...

We like being indoor cats too. We're afraid of outside because it is always cold and there are too many odd smells out there.

Enjoy your new home. You are a very fortunate kitty to be with 1-4 G. Our mama tells us she likes kittehs a lot.

Truffle and Ouzo (your Canadian cousin cats)

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Hi Maddy...
We share the house with a grumpy old cat. We like to play and she doesn't. Just give Melech some space. He'll come around.

Our hooman bean said that Mugsy hasn't been feeling good. We send him purrs and Greenies. (You'll find out about those.) And we send you a purr and a nose bip (it's proper catly greetings.)

mrroooooooooo to you -
Tiria the Shadow Princess and
King Henry