Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Gottcha Day

September 4 is my Gottcha Day. 'Zactly 2 years ago, I came to live with my Momma. She took good care of me and I am fine and healthy today.
If you do not know my story, keep reading. I'd love to tell it to you now.
Momma will help me tell it.

Momma was at home in her part of a ment. She had been to the "bean" doctor to get something cut off her ear. Since she had an owie on her ear, she was at home around lunch time. ( I had a non cancerous growth cut off my ear lobe and once the shot had worn off, I discovered how bad it really did hurt).
Okay, so she was laying on the sofa taking it easy when there was a knock at the door. It was her neighbor, Andy, who worked at the Army base. He said he needed to know how to get to the Who-main Si- sigh-tee.
And then he said, he could not do it and would she take this little kitten.
Now, I should explain, I was found by two nice soldiers at the base and they gave me water out of one of their canteens. I was scared, but very thirsty and very hungry.( Andy is a sweetheart and loves animals. He also knew that he could not go to the Humane Society to leave a little kitten and not end up with another pet. he asked me to take the kitten and he would help me pay the first vet bill).
So, Momma went out to his SUV and he took me out of a box. He had to put his work boots on top 'cuz I kept trying to get out. I was very, very scared and did not know what was gonna happen. Momma took me in her hands very carefully, as I was teeny-tiny. She said she loved me at first sight. ( I did love him at first sight, he was very little, had an adorable black mark on his nose and made a soft meow. He had climbed up in the engine of a car, was dirty, and had water on him, as they had to get him out by pouring water in car so the lady could leave.)
Anyhow, the next part was bad. I had to go to the vet-ur-nay-run to see if I was okay. I had to get shots and yucky medicine. But, then I got to go back to the part of a ment. I hid under the sofa most of the night and next day. I was scared of my new big brother. All he did was growl and hiss at me.
I was so very afraid and did not know what would happen. I finally fell asleep from being so stressed out and tired from the shots. It was a scary first day. I had a really tough time then.
I will post more of my story later and also a picture of me then and now.
G'nite and Meow,
Mugsy Andrew

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