Friday, May 15, 2009

Lots of NEWs

I have had lots of NEWs, and so that is my news. I have a new little sister and a new big sister. We have new 'lectrictee. This guy came in and changed all the sockets and worked on the wires and stuff. Momma said he was fixing it. I think he tore it up. Anyhow, he was here for three days and I followed him everywhere. He is gone now.
Momma got new birdseed and so we have lots of birdy-birds to watch.
Momma sez we might have a new place to live one day soon. She may have a new job soon. I like it here and don't want to move again. Moving is BAD. There is noise and the kittehs must hide and then you have to go in the crates and ride without frow-ups. I want to stay here and watch the birdy-birds. All .NEWs makes me sleepy

Mia speaks

Thanks to the many of you who have asked about my health and prayed for my ears to get well. The good news is my ears are healing up good and I will not need surgery. My lovely white fur is growing back over the place where a fan belt got me. So I am doing good, I put on some weight and am feeling good. I even play some with my toys.
I am getting used to my new sister and brothers. The brothers are hard to get used to, but they are not too bad. I think I will like it here and shall stay.
Thanks to all my friends at RGBP!!!!