Monday, September 29, 2008

Re: Meme

Our Momma got tagged by Rev Kim for a meme...but, she had done played it and asked us to play instead.
It is 'possed to be 6 Unremarkable Things About Me. But, we are cats and therefore everything about us is Remarkable, so we had to tweek the title a bit.
We each have 3 things, just to be fair.
6 Remarkable Things About US!
1. I knock things off the table (using my nose) to wake my Who-man- bean up for breakfast everyday.
2. I was rescued by Uncle Andy from an Army base in another state ( I didn't want to be an Army cat, I don't look good in olive green!)
3. I have a special spot on my nose which distinguishes me from all other Tuxedo cats.
4. I am part Bengal and have spots on my sides to prove it
5. I can open drawers and cabinets with my feet and will often pull stuff out to rearrange stuff.
6. I am the bestest Big Bubba in the world...I take care of my little brother by washing him and making sure he has clean ears.
If you are a pet blogger, then you are tagged to do 6 Remarkable Things...if you are a Who-man-bean, then you do the Unremarkable Things!

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