Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Musings by Mugsy

Hi Everyone.
I been a very sick little boy and Momma has been too worried and upset to blog any at all.
Sunday night late (or Monday morning early) I was not breaving too well. I keep my head down and made a funny sound and keep trying to swallow. Momma petted me, tried to get me to drink water and rubbed me. Nuthin' helped and so at 2AM she called the vet-ur-nair-un. She meet us at the clinic and began to poke me and prod me and made a picture of my insides.

She told Momma I was really sick and she was not sure what i had. She thought I might have fluid on my lungs or something else wrong with them. She also thought I might have feline asthma. So she kept me over night and gave me treatment and medicine that made me sleepy.
When I woke up the next day my breavin' was better and I had a big breakfast. I also hissed at the other kitties to show them I was the boss o' them! I still had to stay one more night so the ve-ur-nair-un was sure I was okay.
Momma got me this morning as soon as she came in the room I meowed and started butting my head on the cage. She loved on me and took me home to see Melech. he sniffed me and said I smelled funny and hissed. Then he licked me so the smell came off. I have been eating good, resting, and taking my med-shun like a good boy. I am glad I am home. the doctor thinks I had a cute asthma attack, but there ain't nothing cute about it!
Momma says she is too. Our family and friends prayed hard for me and I know that helped me get better.
Momma is sorry sh did not blog, but she has been upset and could not think good.
All is well now.
Pawfully Yours,
Mugsy Wugs, the kitten


Althea N. Agape said...

we're SOOO glad you're better. Now you can watch birdies with us, we'll save you the best part of mommy's desk looking at the birdfeeder. There was a REALLY big birdie this morning. Momma called it a turk-e. I don't think I'd chase that one, but there are lots of others you can chase!

Padme and Delenn

Sue said...

Aw Mugs!! I am glad you are feeling better now. What an ordeal! Give lots of love to your Momma now after such a hard week. She luvs you boys so much!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Mugsy, we wish we'd known you were feeling sicky. We'd a put the word out on the Cat Blogosphere. A couple hundred purrrrring kitties can do wonderful things.

Purrrrrring that this was a weird, one-time thing.

Deb said...

Hey Mugsy!
Are you better?
Tiria wants to know.