Sunday, May 11, 2008

Musing and Opinions


Mom goes away and turns her 'puter off and we get all these messages from cat friends all over!

She really needs to leave the thing on when she's gone. This time she was gone all the way to North Carolina for an N-er Vue. I don't know what that is, but she said we might move.


So, anyhow, Mugs and I are quite happy about all our new buddies. I am also quite happy about the new litter box with a privacy cover. Mugsy likes it as well, but he likes to hide in it and jump out and grab me! Kids! I am now three years old...a big man of the house and well versed in the ways of the feline world.

I really do enjoy watching the birds and squirrels. Mugsy likes playing with W and T the big dawgs next door. I am not so very found of things that droll, poop in the open (PU-LEEZ!), and pant heavily. I prefer calm, peace, and quite of my abode.

Melech, the Wise King

Hey Everybody!!!!

I'm baaa-aa-ck! Miss me??? I can't type to good, but I still like to say hi to my catpals, dogpals, and humanpals in hyper-space. I had to get momma up early this mornign to go to early, early church. She said she had to go read in Port-U-geese. Whatever. I got her up and out the door and she made it...ALL because of me.

Know waht? I got a new potty. It is built like a little house and I can hide in it or do my bid-ness in it. Cool, huh?

Guess what else? Today is Mother's Day and Mel and me got Momma a book about Cat Codependency for her to read. She laughed when she read the part about knitting with cats.

She gave us both a nose kiss!

I better go see what Bubba is doing. 'Cuz he might be having fun without me!




Parker said...

Aren't nose kissies wonderful?

Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie said...

Hey, M & M -

The Cat Blogosphere is a great place to waste hours upon hours commenting and exploring. The problem is we never get around to posting ourselves any more.

We gotta get a faster typist!

TT said...

Nose kisses and cuddles time is always the bestest when it commes to being withs the mommy!

A new catbox eh? I dont knows what I'd do if Mommy Bean gotted me a new one, I likes mine just as it is. She tried a few times to switch my litters, and I showeds her (I don'ts think she appreciateds the pee on the floor!)