Saturday, February 9, 2008


This is me and my Big Bubba, Melech. See how I have my hand on his shoulder? That means we are bestest of buddies! We are bird watching. It is so much fun, except, I don't get where the birds go after they get passed the window. I looked in the laundry room, but no little birdies!
Whistle, Ouzo, Fish, Truffle, Dubby, Tira and all the other catpals! Does anyone know where the little birdies go after they pass the window? I looked and looked and even called to them, but no little birdies. My Bubba and I have fun watching the birds. I love my Big Bubba, Mel. He the greatest.
Mugsy the Kitty with the Long, Fluffy Tail


St. Casserole said...

Mel looks like our Andy. I'm glad to see you kids getting along. My cats would enjoy a sit on toy like yours!

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

I have wondered about that too. Sometimes I can see them sit in their water dish (very strange... they wash in their water dish!) and sometimes they go up in trees. But then they aren't around.

I would like wings. Giver of Greenies says that I will get them when I get a harp. I don't know zackly what she means by that.

The Shadow Princess

Sue said...

Mugs, we aren't sure where the birds go either. We talk to them all the time, but they never answer. Curious creatures, yes?

Ouzo and Truffle

Parker said...

That is about the most adorable picture I have ever seen!