Friday, February 22, 2008


My 'pinion is that I don't like thunder. it scares me and I must run hide. If you want me I am under my quilt tent and will not be out until the boom sounds go away, far away, like Mars or Egypt or Tim-buck-two. Anywhere but here.
I feel that the sounds of rain outside the window create a feeling of soft intimacy and bring our Who-Man-Beans to desire more snuggles and cuddles. Rain storms are great for making us cats to be more appreciated as we truly are. We are teh snuggliest of all creatures.
Aunt Casserole????
Is there a cat deck on the Love Boat cruise? Mommy can't go, but I thought i might join up with Whistle and Fish if they are going. I hear that cats get fish every, single night and there's an island that has nothing but cat nip and cat grass growing on it and they let you sip a drink of cat milk with a little umbrella from a bowl.

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Sue said...

We don't like thunder either. Or the sound of dogs barking. Or birds.

We do, however, love tuna from a can.

Truffle and Ouzo