Friday, November 30, 2007

News and MORE News

Guess what???? we have a tree!!!! Its in our living room...inside!!!! And, it has lights and jingle bells and dangly down things and, and, and... (deep breath) and i have a stocking and Mommy says some guy named Santa will put treats in it and maybe a toy mouse and there's bows and paper in the bedroom and lots of crinkly bags with STUFF in them!!!!!
Melech says that Christmas is coming, but we have to wait.....
Melech: Yeah, its the kid's first Christmas and he has to learn all the ropes.
1. Cats are no allowed IN the TREEE!
2. You are not allowed to get in the bags on the bed.
3. You may NOT jump on the counter when the cookies come out of the oven.
4. You can't open a gift, evne if its got your name on it until Christmas
5. No sniffing hte candles on the Advent wreath
6. And under no circumstances are you to chew on the cords that light the tree up.
It is a lot for a little guy to learn. I hope Momma will be pateint with him like she was my first Christmas.
My hope this year is for all the cats to find homes and be safe, well fed, dry, and happy.
Oh, and I also hope for my own bag of catberry treats. Yum!!!!!
More from the M and M boys later.

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