Friday, November 9, 2007


Guess what?!?
There's this thing that keeps chasing after me! I run in circles to try and lose it and it keeps finding me and then I jump on the bed to give it the slip and it finds me again and it stays right behind me all the time. It is long, furry, and black. I tried to bite it and it hurt me!
Momma says I have discovered my tail. Who Knew???? I have a tail. Melech says I am a silly little kitten. Know what? Momma says Mel used to chase his tail too and he would bite it and then yowl. I just gave him my smug look. Life is great. I have a home, a mommy, a big Bubba and a huge litter box.
Peace of the Paw,
Mugsy the Kitteh
Yeah, yeah. We all chase our tail until we grow up and learn better. I am an older, sophisticated cat now and no longer play kitten games. I help Momma with her stuff and keep Mugsy out of the way. The "man in the van with a can" came to spray for bugs this morning and Mugsy ran right up to him. Doesn't he know that is dangerous? Bad things happen to those bugs and I sure don't want it happening to me. I do have nine lives but I am not about to waste one by dying with my legs up in the air after suffering a horribly, painful death.
I have to go sit in the window and contemplate stuff for a while. I also must give a good luck tap of the paw on Momma's preaching video before she mails it off. She says that a tap of a cat's paw will bring good luck. I had never heard of this before, but who am I to argue with her? Besides she always gives me a chin scratch and I think that is lucky.

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Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

we are DEFINITELY lucky. Cat fur is lucky too.

The Shadow Princess